Due to the organizers stepping down,
2014 was the last year of the Tri Valley Basket Brigade. 

Thank you to each and every person that participated over the past years.
You made a difference!!

All photos on this website copyright and thanks to Rick Washburn.
3 young lady volunteers carrying baskets on the Big Day
What is the Basket Brigade?

The Basket Brigade is a special kind of Thanksgiving food drive that brings you face to face, heart to heart, with Bay Area residents in need. It is a community effort that offers participants the opportunity donate food and much needed items, and if they choose to do so, to personally deliver a food basket or care package as an anonymous delivery person. It's a highly enriching experience.

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5 children making the 'OK' sign with their hands
Who do we help?

The Basket Brigade helps less fortunate families and homeless people in our community.

The Basket Brigade experience changes your life and the life of the person you touch in a very profound way. More than just food, it allows you to deliver love, kindness, and optimism to those in need over the holidays.

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A middle aged man smiling with satisfaction
How can I take part?

Join our community of friends and family. You can contribute by donating food, much needed items, or money. You can also volunteer your time by helping out on the Big Day. By giving to your community, you give to yourself. And the experience is truly priceless and transformational. Give yourself and your community this gift. Join us today! 

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